Feels Good Man (2020)


Dir. Arthur Jones | USA | Documentary | 92 mins | English  What’s in a meme? Feels Good Man explores the creation of artist Matt Furie’s Pepe the Frog and its subsequent distortion into a viral symbol for the American alt-right. The unbridled freedom of the Internet is put on full display when Furie loses his artistic agency to an insidious subculture bent on repurposing Pepe to wreak havoc. As the innocent cartoon is transformed into a political canvas, Furie dives into the heart of the World Wide Web to rescue Pepe from destruction. In the context of the upcoming U.S. presidential elections, the documentary urgently shines a light on the dark workings of the Internet as a new world of “alternative facts” continues to bleed into sociopolitics and media culture. Winner – U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award (Sundance Film Festival)   Films are available for purchase from 30 September 2020, 12:00P.M. to 1 November 2020, 7:00P.M. Films will be available for viewing from 23 October 2020, 7:00P.M. Once the ‘Play’ button is clicked, the viewer has up to 48 hours to complete the purchased film. Viewers are advised to complete watching the entirety of their purchased films before 1 November 2020, 11:59P.M., as no refunds will be made for incomplete viewings.