This year, Perspectives Film Festival: Breakthroughs in Cinema presents Independent Cinema. The curated films went against the conventional mould and were made independently. As Scorsese put it, film is "a declaration" of one's self - telling stories that these filmmakers wanted to tell and filming it the way they wanted to.

Independent cinema has allowed filmmakers the freedom to do what they do best - producing creative films stamped with the directors' individual style and vision, thus providing unique cinematic experiences for the audience. The five features curated this year often had a long journey to the big screen, fighting budgetary constraints and challenging cinematic norms.

Perspectives 2013 is also expanding the feature film programme to include ancillary activities. There will be post-screening dialogue sessions for the films Television and Black Silk, as well as a showcase and dialogue with homegrown independent film collective, Akanga Film Asia, and a masterclass by filmmaker Fran Borgia.

Launched in 2008, Perspectives Film Festival is an annual practicum course run by the faculty of Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information and organized by undergraduates from Nanyang Technological University.


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Perspectives Film Festival is supported by the Wee Kim Wee Legacy Fund.