Radha and Sita, who are married to brothers from a middle class family in India, are forced into a life of duty and servitude despite not receiving any love from their spouses. The two women eventually find love and fulfilment with each other. Although both aspire to break free from their roles as loyal wives, the older woman, Radha is still caught in the battle between duty and desire.

Despite the film creating an uproar in India due to its portrayal of a homosexual relationship within an Indian family, it also received praise and acclaim for this daring exploration. Beyond just openly examining the traditionally taboo topic of sexuality, Fire also questions the institution of marriage. In particular, it looks at the needs and roles of women in a marriage and how their sexuality is suppressed. The issues raised by Fire are felt even in today's modern day India, where women are still subjected to performing the duties of a loyal wife at the expense of their own desires and needs.