27 Oct

The Battle of Algiers
The Battle of Algiers was created based on events during the Algerian Revolution that led to Algeria's independence from France in 1962. As Algerian... Read more
28 Oct

A Clockwork Orange
Set in a dystopian future in Britain, this bold and satirical crime-drama focuses on Alex, a young, domineering delinquent whose penchant... Read more
29 Oct

Syndromes and A Century
In Syndromes and a Century, filmmaker and installation artist Weerasethakul explores the complex web of human relationships and the... Read more
29 Oct

Czech Dream
Czech Dream documents the transformation of two final-year film students into young, aspiring businessmen as they...Read more
29 Oct

Blue Kite
Set in China during Chairman Mao's regime in the 1950s and 1960s, The Blue Kite conveys the impact of political movements on the... Read more
30 Oct

Lieutenant Kurokawa is the "god soldier" – a Japanese war hero who earns fame and glory for killing Chinese people in the Second... Read more