Czech Dream

Dir. Vít Klusák & Filip Remunda
2004 | Czech Republic | 90 min | M18 (Some nudity) |Digital
Betacam| In Czech with English subtitles

Date: Sat 29 October

Time: 4:30pm

Venue: The Alliance Française

Czech Dream documents the transformation of two final-year film students into young, aspiring businessmen as they launch a nationwide advertising campaign for a hypermarket of the same name. The only problem: the hypermarket does not exist.

Eventually they succeed in getting 1000 Czech citizens to turn up for the hypermarket’s opening ceremony. When those who turned up find out they were cheated, and that the project was funded indirectly by the government, Klusák and Remunda are fiercely interrogated.

What started out as a critique against consumerism quickly became fuel for political debate and a channel for the citizens to vent their insecurities. In a time when the ex-Communist republic has to decide whether to enter the European Union, the name “Czech Dream” also made them question – is the government’s promise of a better country after joining the EU trustworthy? Will it be another fantasy just like the hypermarket?

While revealing the tactics advertisers use to persuade the public, this light-hearted film exposes the Czech people’s hunger for consumption and their ridiculous excitement over a good discount.

Awards: Cracow Film Festival – Won Don Quixote Award – Special Mention. Brussels European Film Festival – Nominated for Golden Iris.