The Battle of Algiers

Dir. Gillo Pontecorvo
1966 | Italy, Algeria | 121 min | PG | 2K Digital | In French and Arabic with English subtitles

Date: Thu 27 October

Time: 9pm



The Battle of Algiers was created based on events during the Algerian Revolution that led to Algeria’s independence from France in 1962. As Algerian insurgents plant bombs, demonstrate in the streets, and plan their next moves, the French army attempts to stop them by figuring out and dismantling the terrorists’ operation system.

Filmed in a raw documentary style and released not long after the revolt, The Battle of Algiers was so realistic that audiences thought it was actual war footage. For five years the film was not screened in French theaters, making it one of only seven films banned in France. This was due to the former colonists’ and soldiers’ resentment against its sympathetic treatment of Algerian insurgents.

An important commentary on urban guerrilla warfare, the film screened at the Pentagon in 2003 to illustrate the problems the US faced in the Iraq War. With the 50th anniversary of Algerian independence coming in 2012, this film takes on added significance. Perspectives is proud to present this classic in 2K Digital format.

Awards: Venice Film Festival – Won Golden Lion and FIPRESCI prize. Oscars – Nominated for Best Director, Original Screenplay, and Best Foreign Language Film.