About The Festival

Breakthroughs in cinema often come in the form of controversy – unorthodox techniques, original manifestoes, or radical content. Yet, with censorship regulations and politically-motivated obstructions, films that provide a controversial or excessively incisive view of society often get blocked from the big screen, stuck in all the red tape.

This year, Perspectives Film Festival makes a breakthrough by presenting our audiences with a selection of films that were banned or considered controversial by contemporary governments and audiences. As strong cinematic works, these films offer insights into our world and a rare opportunity to transform mindsets. We hope to encourage audiences to examine issues that some societies refuse or are unable to face.

Although these films were considered controversial when they were released, they are now understood to be critical works that have altered the political, social and cultural fabrics of the communities that once rejected their existence.

Perspectives Film Festival 2011 is proud to present these films as valuable masterpieces of cinema that every film enthusiast should look forward to seeing.

Perspectives Film Festival 2011 will be held from 27th to 30th October 2011, in Golden Village VivoCity and the Alliance Française. For more information about the films, please go to FILMS. For more information about the locations, please go toVENUES.