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The Perspectives Film Festival is an annual event organized by film enthusiasts from Nanyang Technological University, under the guidance of mentors from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information. Last year, the student organizers set a bold, new direction for Perspectives as a film festival that screens breakthrough films from around the globe. It focused on films that have significantly impacted cinema history.

For Perspectives Film Festival 2011, already our fourth, we hope to build on this concept by curating films that have left their mark through controversial political content, or stinging socio-cultural commentary. As Singapore's premiere student-run film festival, we are determined to challenge ourselves to bring Perspectives 2011 to greater heights. 


Movies! Films! Cinema! They are not the same to this poker-face geek, who despite owing his lonely existence to Spielberg, confesses to be an altar-praying diehard fan of Kubrick and Kurosawa. Supremely passionate about everything under the filmic sun, often to the point of insanity, this extremely serious Martian from outer space feels that the cinema hall is too holy a place to munch, sip, sleep, or use the phone, especially if it is showing a film about himself. He also proudly proclaims that he is the first and only alien in cinematic history to be able to write coherent film reviews.


Our festival co-director, in charge of the publicity, design and festival management teams, is not a communications student. In fact, Cailin is a final-year Business student, and plays a mean game of volleyball, both indoors and on the beach. While being a part-time beach babe cum film festival organiser, she finds time for mission trips in Cambodia every year since 2007, and has befriended the street kids in Siem Reap. A bona fide go-getter and exceedingly capable, Cailin at once stresses us out and completes our work for us. Talk about multi-tasking!


When four girls are taking care of your coffers, you can't help but feel safe. This is precisely the case at Perspectives 2011, where Sarah, Alisia, Juyeon and Man'er are constantly holding hands in prayer that the numbers on our budget tally. Sarah, most veritable leader, prefers felines to canines (watch that, Zuohan), and wants nothing but to lay on the sofa with them all day. Alisia wants to set up a Glee club in WKWSCI, and hopes to live in Provence in the future. Man'er is a well-travelled lady, and likes to listen to music all day. While the four girls might look like a Korean girl band, they are not. Juyeon, however, is actually Korean. Simple yet philosophical, she has been quoted to say, "I like growing up." Together they struggle with administration and fight budget deficits the way Bernanke simply can't.


According to Ivan, Ghazi and Ronnie, all brave programmers of Perspectives 2011, their job is to curate a coherent film programme that appeals to both cinephiles and regular film-lovers, and liaise with distributors for "screeners", "KDMs" and "DCPs". Ivan possesses exhibitionist tendencies, and loves to take photos of the mundane, classic facial expressions and la femme fatale. Ghazi gets his inspiration from slumber parties, in which he loves to indulge. Ronnie has an interest in martial arts and by extension, action cinema! 


Sales, sponsors, satisfaction. These three form the raison d’être for the Publicity and Sponsorship Team, made up of Grace, Kai Dick and Zuo Han. Grace is without doubt the team leader, getting periodic highs from our sponsors’ positive replies. She (not so) occasionally spams our inboxes with exclamation marks! The calmer one, Kai Dick loves soccer, sleep and his wife. While he would like to clarify that it’s not a shotgun wedding, he says nothing about the order of elements in the previous sentence. Sporty Zuo Han owns three dogs and is considering a fourth. When he’s not jogging, one can find him sharing his dinner bowl with his canine companions.


Made up of three writers with different muses, the editorial team pens all the creative literary material Perspectives Film Festival 2011 needs. Jeremy, Marcus and Siva all love cinema, share a particular affection for good grammar, succinct sentences and peeled potatoes. Jeremy prefers to write in black ink. He says it inspires his writing. Marcus does not read emails on weekends, which is quite a problem for everybody. Siva cannot resist good Indian food, which never ceases to appear on his dinner table, thanks to a loving mother. Together these three hope that whatever you see written for Perspectives 2011 tantalises your literary taste buds.


Made up of the artistic duo Ros and Naresh, the Design team cracks their brains devising the best way to package things visually, be it for the booklet or the website. Design Head Ros sums up their job as such: The committee hands them information, and they design the layout. Then the committee comments. Then they make changes. Then the committee makes more comments. Then they make more changes. You get the idea. Naresh would like to add that he is a cool cucumber, and that he sees the Design team as the bridge that links the pragmatism of the committee with the colours of the world. By the way, Ros has the largest eyes on our committee. "So that I can see (the layout details) better!"


The Perspectives 2011 team is blessed with two instructors who take turns to mollycoddle us with unfailing patience, hold our shaking hands and light the darkness that await us. We're kidding. Nikki and I-shan go for the big picture and make sure everything falls in place. Nikki started out as a film maker, and became interested in the distribution of films and festival management. She is American, but has introduced various Singlish expressions in her daily speech in the 13 years she's been here. She says it catches the right amount of attention she needs. I-shan is a Programmes Manager from the Singapore Art Museum, where she manages the Moving Image Gallery. She likes long movies, speed reading and resilient plants.